Capturing Hope: Hanna's Mission to Highlight Shelter Pets

Capturing Hope:  Hanna's Mission to Highlight Shelter Pets

In Craven County, a remarkable woman is making a significant difference for local shelter pets through her camera lens.  Hanna Bratz of HLB Photography is a former corrections officer with deep empathy for those in need.  She has turned her focus to capturing the essence of dogs in our local shelter.  Her photographs are far from the typical, unflattering cell phone images; they highlight the true spirit and personality of each animal, giving them a chance to shine and increasing their chances of finding a forever home.

Hanna observes that 90% of the pets in our shelter are experiencing genuine attention and loving care there for the first time in their lives.  Her compassionate approach, honed during her years of helping inmates, translates beautifully to her work with these animals.  Through her camera, Hanna brings out the best in every pet, making it easier for potential adopters to see their unique charm and potential as loving companions.

But Hanna's contributions don't stop at photography.  She generously donates a portion of the earnings from her private photography business to support the very shelter pets she features on her social media posts.  This act of kindness not only helps with the immediate needs of the animals, but also gives them hope for a better future - motivating others to adopt and provide wonderful homes.

Her dedication and passion for these animals are truly inspiring.  She is a shining example of how one person's talent and compassion can make a profound impact on the lives of shelter employees, the pets they care for, and the people who adopt them.

To see more of Hanna's photography, visit her FB Business page, Instagram, and website.