Embracing ACE Free Work: A Transformational Journey in Canine Enrichment

Embracing ACE Free Work:  A Transformational Journey in Canine Enrichment


ACE Free Work, spearheaded by Sarah Fisher of Tilley Farm, stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of canine enrichment. This transformative approach offers a holistic and deeply enriching experience for dogs of all ages and backgrounds. As a dedicated student and soon-to-be ACE Trainer, I am thrilled to share the profound impact this revolutionary method has had on the lives of dogs and their human companions.

Discovering ACE Free Work

My journey with ACE Free Work began unexpectedly during a Reactivity Course I was enrolled in to help my dog, Davy. He is a well-bred German Shepherd that had always struggled with reactivity towards other dogs, making traditional training methods challenging. Despite my extensive background in various dog sports and certifications, ACE Free Work was a revelation that somehow eluded me throughout my years of study and practice.

A Paradigm Shift

Unlike traditional training methods focused on obedience and performance, ACE Free Work prioritizes the individual needs and well-being of the dog. It encourages a deeper understanding of canine behavior and emotions, emphasizing the importance of creating a supportive environment where dogs can thrive witihout the pressure of performance expectations.

Exploring ACE Free Work

At its core, ACE Free Work transcends traditional notions of dog training, offering a safe and stimulating environment for dogs to engage in natural behaviors such as sniffing, exploring, and problem-solving. Through creatively designed stations and interactive experiences, dogs are empowered to express themselves authentically, while owners gain invaluable insights into their furry friends' preferencees, behaviors, and emotional needs.

The Promise of ACE Free Work

As I near the completion of my journey to become an ACE Trainer, I am filled with anticipation for the future of this groundbreaking method. With its roots firmly planted in the United Kingdom and its influence rapidly spreading across the globe, ACE Free Work is poised to revolutionize the way we engage with and care for our canine companions. By embracing ACE Free Work, pet owners can unlock a world of possibilities for their pets, fostering independence, resilience, and optimism in the face of life's challenges.


In a world where the well-being of our pets is paramount, ACE Free Work offers a refreshing and transformative approach to canine enrichment. Through its emphasis on observation, understanding, and empowerment, ACE Free Work has the potential to enhance the lives of dogs and their owners in ways previously thought impossible. As I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion as an ACE Trainer, I invite fellow enthusiasts to join me on this remarkable journey toward a brighter, more enriching future for our furry friends.