Davy’s Journey

Meet Davy, my seven-year-old German Shepherd, whose journey to the Holistic Vet began with a subtle change in his stride. I was videoing an ACE Free Work session while at Glenburnie Park.  I had set up several treat stations for Davy to investigate and enjoy.  As Davy was moving from one station to another, I noticed a weakness in his stride.  It worried me.  As a responsible owner aware of his breed’s predisposition to mobility issues, I decided to explore holistic care to ensure Davy’s optimal well-being as he ages.

The Vet Visit

The experience at the Synergy Integrative Holistic Veterinary Clinic with Dr. Joyce Gerardi was unlike any traditional vet visit – it felt more like a spa day for Davy.  The tranquil atmosphere, gentle treatments, and holistic modalities, including acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, provided a unique approach to addressing his hind end weakness.

Holistic Modalities

Davy’s holistic treatment plan extended beyond the clinic.  Dietary adjustments, seasonal herbal supplements, and regular massage became integral components of his care routine.  The holistic vet’s expertise extended to teaching me how to support Davy at home, making informed choices about his diet, and incorporating exercise tailored to his needs.  

Davy’s Response

As Davy approaches eight years old, his excitement for the vet visit is a testament to the gentle and non-invasive nature of his treatments.  The imaging and Dr. Gerardi’s hands-on approach have not only addressed his current issues but have equipped us with the knowledge to maintain his optimal health. Davy is on a positive trajectory, and I’m hopeful that sharing his story will inspire and inform others facing similar challenges with their furry companions.


Davy and I continue to engage in ACE Free Work sessions, a practice that allows me to closely observe his progress. From his speed and gait to his paw placement and how he organizes himself at each station, I meticulously compare new videos to old ones for a detailed comparison.  My heightened observations bring a wealth of information to our treatment sessions, allowing us to tailor his holistic care even more effectively.  

Davy’s images show an increase in blood flow and a decrease in tension bringing him back to better health and balance. His gait has improved, and he stands tall and relaxed.  His movements have a better flow.  I hope that by sharing Davy’s ongoing journey and the positive changes we’ve witnessed, it will inspire others to explore alternative ways to help their pets navigate the aging process gracefully.